Naturalization Ceremony – 06/07/2017

Swearing-in of New Citizens

Naturalization Ceremony
Lowell, MA

In what has become routine, members of LWVGH attended the Naturalization ceremony at Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, MA to help welcome 855 new American citizens. This was our 7th appearance at the ceremony and, like before, our job was to make sure that all of the new citizens were given registration applications in order to enable them to vote in the coming elections.

We would like to give special thanks to Roz McKeon, Pam Pappalardo, Carole Pelchat, Jean Sanders, Eva Rajczyk, and Rosemary Young for participating in this very moving event.

This time the procedure was different than what we had been used to. Instead of greeting the new candidates as they came into the auditorium, our only chance to interact with them was at the end of the ceremony as they were leaving. The voter registration applications and flags were placed on the seats prior to people entering.

Before the actual ceremony began, Supervisory Immigration Officer Joseph Forte explained to the crowd what to expect when the judge arrived on stage. He also gave us kudos supplying the forms and the flags.

LWVGH member Eva Rajczyk delivered the League’s welcome address and explained the process for filling out the voter registration forms.


As always, LWVGH congratulates everyone who became a citizen on June 7th and welcomes them into our growing American family.

Take a look at the pictures from the event at Citizenship Ceremony in Lowell!

Here is the list of the 92 nations that were represented at the ceremony by 848 new naturalized citizens:

Afghanistan Dominican Republic Mexico
Albania Ecuador Moldova
Algeria Eqypt Morocco
Argentina El Salvador Nepal
Armenia France Netherlands
Australia Germany Nigeria
Austria Ghana Pakistan
Azerbaijan Greece Peru
Bangladesh Guatemala Philippines
Barbados Guyana Poland
Belarus Haiti Protugal
Bhutan Hungary Republic of Korea
Bolivia India Russia
Bosnia-Herzegovina Indonesia Sierra Leone
Brazil Iran Slovakia
Bulgaria Iraq Somalia
Burma Ireland South Korea
Cambodia Israel Sweden
Cameroon Italy Syria
Canada Jamaica Taiwan
Central African Republic Jordan Tanzania
China Kazakhstan Trinidad and Tobago
Chile Kenay Turkey
Colombia Kosovo Uganda
Congo-Kinshasa Kuwait Ukraine
Costa Rica Kyrgzstan United Kingdom
Cote D’Ivoire Laos Uruguay
Cuba Latvia Uzbekistan
Check Republic Lebanon Venezuela
Democratic Republic of the Congo Liberia Vietnam
Denmark Lithuania Zimbabwe