Day on the Hill

Day on the Hill

October 24, 2017

Each year the Massachusetts League of Women Voters gathers at the Statehouse at an event known as Day on the Hill. This year the gathering took on a special meaning for the League of Women Voters of Greater Haverhill because one of our own was honored.

Carole Pelchat has been a fixture at both our local and state Leagues. She served our state League as its legislative director, vice president, and chairwoman of the Program and Action Committee. But her greatest role was that of founding member and president of LWVGH.

Under her leadership the LWVGH grew both in size and diversity. Today we have nearly forty members, of which eight are men (including our president, Joel Gagnon). Carole has been instrumental in expanding our League’s voter registration role into local high schools and community groups and has been instrumental in our organization’s ongoing role in registering new citizens at the naturalization ceremonies conducted at Lowell’s Memorial Auditorium.

She has served both LWVMA and LWVGH tirelessly. Over the years, her enthusiasm, her drive, and her incredible energy have become legendary. Soon she will be living in North Carolina near her son and his family. But her soul and spirit will remain with us in Haverhill for years to come.

The ceremony honoring our friend in the Great Hall of Flags at the Statehouse was attended by members Rep. Linda Dean Campbell, Hartell Johnson (LWVGH vice president), Roz McKeon, Eva Rajczyk, and Eva Valentine (past president of LWVMA).

LWVGH Members Honor Carole Pelchat

(l-r) Roz McKeon, Eva Valentine, Rep. Linda Dean Campbell, Carole Pelchat, Hartell Johnson, and Eva Rajczyk

For more, please see the December 3 Eagle Tribune article, Haverhill woman honored by League of Women Voters and check out the pictures that were taken at the event.