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LWVGH will be presenting an informative discussion, lead by Tufts University Professor Mira Bernstein, about gerrymandering, a practice intended to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries. 


For date, time, and place of this event and more information, please go to Gerrymandering or visit our Facebook page.


LWVGH is, like its namesake, a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Since 1920, the League of Women Voters has fought to improve our systems of government and impact public policies. LWVGH is a local grassroots offshoot of LWV; its strength and importance come from its unique decentralized structure that works in harmony with our state and national organizations.

LWVGH is committed to opening the doors of government to all of Greater Haverhill’s citizens. Our goal is a representative system of government that is transparent, responsive, responsible, and supportive of citizen participation. Our organization’s membership is open to both men and women, and our monthly meetings are always well-attended.

LWVGH works to keep the public well-informed about government and social policy issues, provides objective information about both critical public policy issues and candidates seeking office, and promotes voter service programs (such as voter registration).

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